Brief bio: Assistant Professor, ISyE, Georgia Tech (July 2018 – ). Research Fellow, Simons Institute (Aug 2017 – May 2018). Ph.D. in Operations Research, MIT 2017. Bachelors & Masters in Computer Science, IIT, Delhi 2011. (more)

Research Interests: Optimization. Combinatorial. Convex. Robust. Online and Machine Learning. Data-driven Decision-making. Partial Information. Strategic Behavior. Unintended Consequences. Bias and Fairness. Real-world Applications. (more)

Growing list of collaborators: Dimitris BertsimasMaxime CohenNaveen Garg, Xinbo Geng, Michel GoemansBruce Golden, Robert HildebrandPatrick JailletTushar KrishnaShima NassiriGeorgia Perakis, … (more)

…  Sebastian PokuttaAtul Prakash, John Silberholz, Joel TayAmitabha Tripathi, Madeleine UdellXingyin Wang, Le Xie, Song Zhou.

Non-academic/Industry collaborators: Nishita Agarwal (Facebook), Martin Demaine (Artist-in-residence and EECS, MIT), Iain Dunning (Deepmind), Jeremy Kalas (Microsoft), Kristen LeFevre (Google Research) | IBM Research Zurich, Oracle Retail Data Science Group.

Talks/Videos: Learning What Works Best When

Latest NewsI am happy to talk with enthusiastic graduate students admitted to the Operations ResearchAlgorithms Combinatorics and Optimization or the Machine Learning PhD programs at Georgia Tech.

06/2018: I conducted an interactive session on Predictability and Learning during the Mission Possible Summer Camp for high school students at Georgia Tech! <combinatorial explosion is awesome, and yet we can learn>

04/2018:  As the Microsoft Research Fellow, I will present a highlights of my work at the Industry Day, an all-day event at the Simons Institute with visitors from the companies that sponsor the institute.

04/2018: I am giving a talk in the next Simons Institute workshop on Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Real-time Decision Making on May 2, 2018.

04/2018: Our paper on “4/3 approximation for TSP on cubic 3-edge-connected graphs” has been accepted for publication in Operations Research Letters!

04/2018: I am visiting Microsoft Research, Redmond on April 23 and 24, 2018.

04/2018: I am giving a talk at the Stanford Theory Seminar on Thursday April 5, 4:15 PM, Gates 463A.

03/2018: I am giving a talk in the Session FB11: New Techniques in Discrete and Mixed Discrete Optimization, on February 23, Optimization Society Meeting, Denver.

03/2018: I am participating in the 1st Transatlantic-Transpacific Workshop of the ML Research Triangle, at Georgia Tech. I led the discussion on Grand Challenges in AI/ML, with my focus on Bias/Fairness in Optimization/ML.

02/2018: I am invited to the NSF workshop on Real-Time Learning and Decision Making in Dynamical Systems, Feb 12-13, Alexandria, VA.

02/2018: I will be presenting my research at the Discrete Optimization and Machine Learning Workshop in July, Tokyo.

02/2018: I am giving a talk on Learning Combinatorial Structures at Google Research, Mountain View.

12/2017: Our book chapter on “Computational Comparison of Metaheuristics” is soon coming up! Joint work with John Silberholz, Bruce Golden and Xingyin Wang.

12/2017: “In Order Not to Discriminate, We Might Have to Discriminate“, an article by Christoph Drosser stemming from the discussions and talks at our Optimization and Fairness mini-symposium at the Simons Institute.

11/2017: I am giving a talk about “Learning What Works Best When” at Visa Research, Palo Alto.

11/2017: I am co-organizing an Optimization and Fairness Mini-symposium at the Simons Institute, along with David Williamson! Looking forward to a half-day of exciting talks!

11/2017: How can one explain their research to an average educated person? To meet this challenge, I will give a talk on “Alexa, What Should I Read Next?”, during the Fireside Chats competition at the Simons Institute.

10/2017: I am invited to give a talk at the Workshop on Algorithms and Optimization (January 2018), International Centre for Theoretical Sciences (ICTS), Bangalore.

10/2017: I am giving a talk on Learning Combinatorial Structures at the Simons/Google Visit Day  @Google Mountain View.

09/2017: Our paper on “What Works Best When? A Systematic Evaluation of Heuristics for Max-Cut and QUBO” got accepted for publication in the INFORMS Journal on Computing!

08/2017: I will teach a module on the “Growth and Decay of Functions” at the Berkeley Math Circle (a weekly program for around 500 San Francisco area elementary, middle and high school students) in January, based off a BLOSSOMS video we shot earlier at MIT.

07/2017: I have been selected as the Microsoft Research Fellow, for the Real-Time Decision Making program at the Simons Institute!

05/2017: I have successfully defended my thesis titled, Combinatorial Structures in Online and Convex Optimization! I extend a heartfelt thanks to my advisors, committee members, friends and family for their encouragement and support.

01/2017: Our paper on “Newton’s Method for Parametric Submodular Function Minimization” got accepted for IPCO 2017!

12/2016: I am looking forward to attending a short winter course at the Harvard Law School on Internet & Society: The Technologies and Politics of Control, taught by Jonathan Zittrain and Joi Ito!

10/2016: I am on the job market this Fall! Here is a link to my Publications, Presentations, CV and Research Statement.

10/2016: What works best when? A Framework for Systematic Heuristic Evaluation (with John Silberholz, Iain Dunning) received a special recognition by INFORMS Computing Society in 2016 as a part of the student paper competition!

10/2016: An Efficient Algorithm for Dynamic Pricing using a Graphical Representation (with Maxime Cohen, Jeremy Kalas, Georgia Perakis) is a Finalist in the INFORMS Service Science Section student paper award 2016!