I am happy to talk with enthusiastic graduate students admitted to the Operations ResearchAlgorithms Combinatorics and Optimization or the Machine Learning PhD programs at Georgia Tech, with a strong mathematical background.

Current Student Mentees at Georgia Tech: 

  • Cyrus Hettle: 2nd year ACO Math graduate student. Project: Fairness in Optimization. (advised by Swati Gupta)
  • Hassan Ahmed Mortagy: 1st year graduate student. Project: Convex Minimization over flows. (advised by Swati Gupta)
  • Nicole M Redder: 1st year graduate student. Project: Testing Total Unimodularity. (advised by Santanu Dey)
  • Jad Salem: 2nd year ACO Math student. Project: Fairness over time.
  • Michael Wang: senior undergraduate student. Project: Fairness in Inventory Routing, Learning over permutations.  

Current Student Mentees outside Georgia Tech: 

  • Ali Khodabakhsh: graduate student in ECE, UT Austin, visiting summer student at Georgia Tech. Advisor: Evdokia Nikolova. Project: Distribution Network Reconfiguration.
  • Orestis Papadigenopoulos: graduate student in CS, UT Austin. Advisor: Evdokia Nikolova. Project: Convex minimization over discrete structures.
  • Sam (Song) Zhou: (undergraduate student in Mathematics at Tsinghua University –> PhD in ORIE at Cornell University), joint project with Madeleine Udell. Project/Thesis: Convex Optimization Over Combinatorial Structures. 
  • Helen Lena Yang, Simon Zhuang, Akhil Jalan: undergraduate students at UC Berkeley, joint project with Gireeja Ranade. Project: Fair Facility Location.

Past students:

  • Seyma Gurkan. Project: Robust and Stochastic Load Balancing. 
  • Daniel Ulch. Project: Learning over permutations.
  • Xinbo Geng. Project: Robust and Stochastic Phase Balancing.