What we see depends on mainly what we look for.
– John Lubbock

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Optimization and Learning
  • On low-rank non-linear optimization for a wide class of combinatorial problems (coming up!)
  • Cubic minimization over spanning trees to minimize power loss over electricity distribution networks (coming up!)
  • Limited Memory Kelley’s Method Converges for Composite Convex and Submodular Objectives – with Madeleine Udell, Song Zhou. Thirty Second Conference on Neural Information and Processing Systems (NeurIPS, formerly NIPS) 2018 | arxiv |
    ++ Spotlight presentation in NeurIPS (~3.5% of total submissions)
    ++ Song (Sam) Zhou received an honorable mention in the INFORMS Undergraduate Operations Research Prize 2018 for this work!  
  • [Book Chapter] Computational Comparison of Metaheuristics – with John SilberholzBruce Golden, Xingyin Wang, to appear in Handbook of Metaheuristics 2018 (3rd edition), M. Gendreau and J-Y. Potvin, eds., Springer. link
  • What works best when? A Framework for Systematic Heuristic Evaluation – with John Silberholz and Iain Dunning. Accepted for publication in the INFORMS Journal on Computing 2018link | github | PDF
    ++ Received a Special Recognition from the INFORMS Computing Society 2016
  • A 4/3 approximation for TSP on cubic 3-edge-connected graphs – with Nishita Agarwal, Naveen GargOperations Research Letters, 2018link (new)arxiv (old) Poster
  • Solving Combinatorial Games using Products, Projections and Lexicographically Optimal Bases – with Michel Goemans and Patrick Jaillet. To be submitted to Mathematical Programming. link | PDF | LIDS/MIT article
    • Bregman Projections over Submodular Base Polytopes – with Michel Goemans and Patrick Jaillet. Optimization for Machine Learning Workshop at NIPS, 2016. link | PDF | Here’s a video of our projection method, Inc-Fix, in action! 
  • Newton’s Method for Parametric Submodular Function Minimization – with Michel Goemans and Patrick Jaillet. Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization (IPCO) 2017link | PDF 
  • My PhD Thesis: Combinatorial Structure in Online and Convex Optimization, MIT (May 2017). PDF
Bias/Fairness in Automated Decisions: 
  • Fairness in the Face of Uncertainty – with Michael Wang. NIPS Workshop on Ethical, Social and Governance Issues in AI (2018). | link |
  • Individual Fairness in Hindsight – with Vijay Kamble (submitted). arxiv
    • (older short version) Temporal Aspects of Individual Fairness – with Vijay Kamble. NIPS Workshop on Ethical, Social and Governance Issues in AI (2018). arxivlink |
      ++ Spotlight talk in the NIPS Workshop on Ethical, Social and Governance Issues in AI 2018
Applications in Applied OR: Algorithms, Optimization and Uncertainty
  • [Power Systems] Robust Look-ahead Three-phase Balancing of Uncertain Distribution Loads – with Le Xie, Xinbo Geng. To appear in Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 52), 2019. link | arxiv
    ++ Won the 5th place at the ISSIP-IBM-CBA student paper award for the “Best Industry Studies Paper” 2019
  • [Promotions] An Efficient Algorithm for Dynamic Pricing using a Graphical Representation – with Maxime Cohen, Jeremy J Kalas and Georgia Perakis. Under review. link | PDF | Huffington Post Article
    ++ Finalist for the Service Science Section Student Paper Competition 2016
  • [Robust Routing] A Scalable Robust and Adaptive Optimization Approach to Inventory Routing – with Joel Tay and Dimitris Bertsimas (under submission). link
  • [Online Routing] Discrete Online TSP – with Michel Goemans and Patrick Jaillet.
  • [Routing] Towards a 4/3-approximation for the Metric Traveling Salesman Problem. Master’s Thesis, IIT Delhi (2011). PDF
    • [Combinatorics] The two-color Rado number for ax + by = (a+b)z – with Thulasi J. Rangan, Amitabha Tripathi. Annals of Combinatorics, 19 (2), pages 269-291, 2015.  link | PDF
    • [Network Security] SPAN: A Unified Framework and Toolkit for Querying Heterogeneous Access Policies – with Kristen LeFevre, Atul Prakash. In HotSec ’09 Proceedings of the 4th USENIX conference on Hot Topics in Security (2009). PDF